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Safety Tips for Seniors: Navigating Today's Biggest Health Worry

With the pandemic at hand, it is harder than ever to visit our loved ones. COVID-19 has brought on many obstacles that, as a nation, we have had to adapt. Helping Hands Stay at Home Care have come up with some tips on how to stay safe and how to keep your loved ones safe during these uncertain times.

Stay updated on new protocols

There is new information circulating our world every day and it is hard to keep up with what we should and should not be doing. Reading up on what the CDC requires nation-wide and for each state is a good source of information to start off with. Reading state protocols helps you and your loved ones stay safe within each state. Keep in mind that communication with one another and friends is key. We are all busy bees and it helps to talk to each other before visiting each other. This provides trust and helps everyone stay safe.


The CDC explains that washing your hands thoroughly helps spread the virus. Make sure you are washing your hands after any type of exposure to someone else. If you do not have a sink nearby or hand sanitizer, rubbing your hands together like you are washing your hands helps break down the virus, making it less likely to spread. Keep your hands away from your face, mouth, and any cuts helps decrease the spread as well.

Wear masks during visits

N95 masks are supposed to filter up to 97% of particles in the air. Fabric masks filter about 43%. Anything helps, so if you are unable to obtain a N95 mask, wear a fabric mask. Stay 6 feet away from each other and enjoy your visit with each other. We understand that wearing masks makes it difficult to communicate sometimes, but is essential for you and your loved ones health and safety.

Ask for help

Loved ones at home enjoy getting out, but with the impact of COVID-19 this becomes a more difficult task. From grocery pick up to going outside to enjoy summer, don’t forget to ask for help. Younger adults and healthy older adults are at lower risk of getting the virus. Help us help you and ask younger adults to pick up your groceries and take you to public settings that are less crowded.

Stay home

It’s hard to be cooped up all day, but try your best to stay home as much as possible to reduce the spread of the virus. There are satisfactory jobs at home that can be done and sometimes we all need that reminder.

Here at Helping Hands, caregivers practice these tips and help you and your loved ones stay safe. We can pick up groceries, and help your loved ones stay at home by helping them clean the house, garden, and even play card games for entertainment. Call us today at 308-633-9200

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