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At Helping Hands, we understand that pets are part of the family! We also know the heath benefits of having a pet. Pets can lessen loneliness, and in turn reduce depression and stress. Pets have also been linked to lower blood pressure!


However, we also understand that caring for a pet can be cumbersome. It can be overwhelming to meet the daily needs of a pet when you are struggling to meet your own needs. We want to help! It is important to us that you stay at home and continue to keep your fur-babies as long as possible. We are happy to offer loving pet care assistance to all our clients! We will take care of the "work" so you can keep the benefits of pet companionship!

We will care for any pet, large or small! It is important to Maggie(our owner), a pet owner herself, that you are able to enjoy your pets in the comfort of your own home! She is happy to help you develop a plan to help you stay at home with your best friend!

Please call us and discuss how we can help you care for your furry friend!

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