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5 Signs That Your Parent May Need Help At Home

As the COVID-19 Pandemic unfolds, it is more important than ever to keep your parents safe in their own home. However, as we age it can become clear that we need some help in order to stay at home safely. It is important to watch for the signs that it may be time to bring in some extra help.

1. A Difference in the General State of the Home.

Is the home that was once tidy and cared for looking neglected? If there is a general change of the cleanliness and maintenance in the home? It may be time to bring in help. Maintaining the home can become physically challenging and sometimes impossible. A caregiver can assist with the tasks of keeping the home neat and tidy, and a safe place for your parent to stay.

2. A Neglect in Personal Care

Is your parent not taking the same care of themselves that they once did? As we age, things like bathing, dressing, and laundry become much more difficult. It can be challenging to get laundry done, or to get in and out of the bath/shower. A caregiver can provide assistance for your loved one to do this in their own home.

3. Forgetfulness

Do you notice your parent becoming more forgetful? Maybe they miss appointments or forget birthdays. Do they forget to take their medications? A caregiver can assist your parent keep track of a calendar and their daily tasks.

4. Difficulty Managing Finances

Is it becoming a challenge for your parent to manage their finances? Have bills been overlooked? Have you seen questionable purchases? It may be time to bring in a caregiver to help with your parents day to day needs so you can keep track of the rest.

5. Increased Physical Injuries

Has your parent been falling at home? Maybe you have noticed increased cuts and bruises? A caregiver can help supervise and cue for best safety practices. They can also assist with the tasks that are becoming difficult and take over those that have become impossible.

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